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Product Placement

A Learning Exercise for How Product Placement Works
An exercise to introduce students to marketing ideas. To help to better understand why advertising is important.
Author: Catina Johnson
Date added: Jun 19, 2012 Last modified: Jun 19, 2012
About this Learning Exercise:
Type of Task: Group

Advertising Slogan Quiz

A Learning Exercise for Advertising Slogans, Jingles, and Catchphrases
The collection of advertising slogans, jingles, and catchphrases can be used as a basis for recall-style quizzes. Students... see more
Author: Theresa Clarke
Date added: Apr 26, 2003 Last modified: Apr 26, 2003
About this Learning Exercise:
Type of Task: Supplemental activity

The Advertising Elasticity of Demand: Simulation

A Learning Exercise for The Advertising Elasticity of Demand
Online simulation including a guide, links to relevant background information available online, self-assessment questions... see more
Author: kyle kilat
Date added: Jul 22, 2002 Last modified: Jul 22, 2002
About this Learning Exercise:
Type of Task: Individual, Student-centered, Unsupervised
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