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Dynamics of a food chain see more

Students provide answers on a seperate sheet with regard to Environmental Education and rhino poaching, and then design a... see more

This is designed as an in-class activity in which students are asked to predict which biomes would be present at a... see more

To locate an article about native Tennessee flora and fauna. Course: Biology see more

This assignment focuses on a description of one of the Great Lakes and then on a particular Area of Concern within that... see more

This assignment allows students to distinguish between a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and where they are placed in... see more

This assignment is for the Plants and Animals (Succession) website which describes the effect of the volcano eruption on... see more

This assignment was designed for a lab but could be done in a regular classroom. It is intended to take at least three... see more

This assignment is designed to help students learn about endangered species, using the internet as a source of... see more