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Students will be required to use this resource to answer questions on a teacher provided worksheet that asks students to... see more

Students will be able to practice calculating the resistance, current, and voltage across a circuit that they will build... see more

Work through the tutorial material in Applets 8.1 and 8.2. Examine the possibilities for transistor behavior as you apply... see more

This is a worksheet for non-science majors that explores the meaning of Ohm's law. see more

Web assignment based on an applet by Physics 1. The user is shown a current source and an external, closed, conducting... see more

An online assignment using a Java applet by Michael Davidson. Tests the user on their qualitative understanding of the... see more

Web assignment that asks users to keep a daily log of their energy usage, and then asks them questions on their result.... see more

Web assignment on the Biot-Savart law using an embedded applet by John Belcher. User is asked questions about the... see more

Web assignment using RC circuit applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang. Applet embedded in page. Helpful resources included. Course:... see more