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To learn and understand the digestive system as a whole. see more

እዚ ኣኒመሽን ብዛዕባ ክፍልታት ዕምበባ ብምስሊ ዝገልፅ እዩ see more

Karyotyping see more

Understand how to determine what significant figures are; we will learn later on how to apply that knowledge. see more

Uses the PhET Beer's Law Simulation to derive Beer's Law. Students are instructed how to use the sim including a link to... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Determine the results of all components of the IMViC test series see more

This app can help you study for the quiz. see more

Alternative to lab over sheep brain see more


Learning about a vet see more

Dynamics of a food chain see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Students provide answers on a seperate sheet with regard to Environmental Education and rhino poaching, and then design a... see more

Students provide answers on a worksheet with regard to whether a scenario is an adaptation or an acclimation. see more

Complete practice activities after reviewing videos and problem sets. see more


Overview of DNA see more

Be able to demostrative the difference between plant cells and animal cells. see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Listening and reading exercise on fugue 9 (E major) of JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in performance by Dr. Philip Goeth... see more

Your assignment is to navigate to the following site, read through the materials presented, and take the practice exam.... see more

You will study the five phases of cell division known as Mitosis. Know what the physical appearance of each stage and... see more

Themes in the study of biology and the porcess of science. see more

How to properly wash your hands see more