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Explaining students various experiments using applets and simulators see more

Chem105 Vitural Demonstrations see more

What is ideal gas law see more

The assignment is to create a Power Point presentation exploring an element from the Periodic Table. Course: Physical... see more

The student is to go to the workshop site, open a new workbench (File>select New WorkBench (Cntl-N). Then select... see more

In this Pre-lab you will design and conduct the following acid base titration: 1) Hydrochloric acid, HCl (strong acid),... see more

This webpage uses screen capture movies of particle simulations to made comparisons and guide students through a series... see more

Using Discussion Groups to Self-Teach the Ideal Gas Law Course: General Chemistry see more

This worksheet is designed for students to use to guide them through the simulator and have them answer questions on... see more