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Downloadable simulation that focuses on many aspects of business. see more

Extra work with Excel to enhance the learning offline. see more

Reading and Applying see more

This exercise teaches students about the new types of business models that have been created by the e-commerce... see more

This assignment requires that the student access information from the Census of Manufacturers. Because the students are... see more

This resource represents a complete compilation of the extensive resources that have been developed to support the use of... see more

Help to Minimize Procrastination using "maps" Course: Professional, Medical, and Legal Office Procedures see more

Part of this site includes a career assessment based on a test. There are three levels of tests, only one of which is... see more

See the first link at this site. It provides an overview of the instructions for running the Beer Game simulation in a... see more

This assignment will enable students to learn how to apply an Excel add-in TreePlan in developing and solving decision... see more

This site is and online tutorial for improving one's public speaking skills. The site is designed to help an individual... see more

All job postings on this site are 30 days old or less indicating current skills and attributes that employers are seeking... see more

This assignment explains how to use a spelling and grammar check. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This week you will gain some practical experience using a simulation. You will need to go to... see more

The purpose of this assignment is to promote awareness of cultural differences by having students compare and contrast... see more

In this exercise, students will be first examining the different types of paper currency from six different countries.... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This assignment provides students an opportunity to read the pros and cons to an argument, as well as background... see more

Each chapter in this "Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Fundamentals" document contains review and study questions for... see more

This assignment directs students to read any of a dozen current documents published by Political and Economic Risk,... see more

Students will be accessing The Conference Board Business Cycle Indicator page to find out what the Leading Economic... see more

SME Business Services Ltd. India is assisting the industry all over India, small & medium enterprises. These... see more

This simple exercise allows students who have been exposed to financial terms to gain a deeper understanding by applying... see more