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espically designed for synthetic chemistry

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Introduces and explains general concepts. Take the hearing test, it was rather fun to see what you could hear and what...

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Integrates access, retrieval, and evaluation of information in all forms with basic operations of computer use, including...

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L/S/R/W for beginners Course: GER 101/2

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This course is taught through the school of professional develpment.

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Materials to use for Adult Degree Completion Program Course: Foundations of Organizational Leadership and Personal...

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The materials found in this collection are to accompany the various thematic units found in the Algebra II concept map....

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IT Performance Indicators for Grades 5-8

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A sample collection of MERLOT materials that participants in the MERLOT workshop in the South Dakota Board of Regents...

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This is a collection of materials useful for teaching Introductory Statistics. Course: Stat 1530 - Introductory...

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This collection of excellent NASA resources was used to explore strategies for developing "deep understandings of...

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A collection of resources that provide students with real world problems and situations that can illuminate the workings...