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Fundamentos de Base de Datos..La gestión de las bases de datos ha evolucionado desde una aplicación informática... see more

This book uses a simple step by step approach to explain the essential relational database design modelling techniques,... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. This book introduces systems analysis and design principles and techniques... see more

Data mining as a discipline is largely transparent to the world. Most of the time, we never even notice that it’s... see more

Digital circuits, often called Integrated Circuits or ICs, are the central building blocks of a Central Processing Unit... see more

Excel 2019 has numerous tools to help you designing your models, checking your formulas, finding solutions or creating... see more

Calculating is one of the most widely used applications on the computer, since of course it is a calculator itself. There... see more

In a spreadsheet program it is all about designing and building an appropriate model: what is the purpose of it, what... see more

Excel has a powerful toolbox and a lot of functionality. So why creating own applications in such an extensive computer... see more

Information Systems is an introductory computer systems and applications course that includes hardware, peripherals,... see more

This is an introductory computer information systems book with topics that include computer hardware, software,... see more

Outlook 2019 is part of Office 2019 the latest iteration of Microsoft Office. It is part of a stand-alone suite of... see more

PowerPoint 2019 is part of Office 2019 the latest iteration of Microsoft Office. It is part of a standalone suite of... see more

Half a century after they were first described, relational database systems remain by far the most popular choice for the... see more

This course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to spreadsheets. This software program referred to and... see more

This core Microsoft® Excel® text provides students with the skills needed to execute many personal and professional... see more

Word 2019 is a Word Processing program and is part of the Office 2019 suite of programs. You can install it on one... see more

An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R by Gareth James, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie and Robert... see more

Organizations capture and process data for a variety of reasons. Accounting data are used to measure the financial health... see more

We began with the assumption that MIS is an exciting discipline. Nonetheless we recognized the difficulty of conveying... see more

The material in this book is used at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. I think it’s a mistake to classify books... see more

This course provides students with an introduction to the core technologies used to communicate information on the Web:... see more

This book is aimed at senior undergraduates and graduate students in Engineering, Science, Mathematics, and Computing. It... see more

Digital Imaging provides the essential skills and knowledge you need to produce high quality data for your daily private... see more