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Faculty member Jen Vaughn (San Francisco State University) discusses her experience using various student... see more

Faculty member Brian Wilson (Sonoma State University) discusses his experience using Universal Design for Learning in his... see more

In depth, interactive looks at nine works of art including Copley's Watson and the Shark, David's Napoleon in His Study,... see more

This site was developed and is tended by Dave Shea, Dave is a web designer and co-author of the book,... see more

This site includes a complete collection of historical documents, images and video clips related to the death of artist... see more

This site includes a complete collection of historical documents and images related to the deaths of Ada Redpath and her... see more

This highly interactive web site, "A Dancer's Journal: Learning to Perform the Dances of Martha Graham" is a multimedia... see more

This learning object has been developed to be delivered in a blended learning environment. That is, the e-learning... see more

The Greek Theatre of Sophocles and Euripides used three actors to perform all of the named character roles. (This does... see more

Site was developed by Eric Meyer and he states the site is "It's a challenge, an experiment, an exploration, a rough map... see more

This multimedia portfolio illustrates the many ways doctoral candidates (and theatre/performance studies graduate... see more

Universal Design for Learning video case story, as an example applied to Introduction to Music. Case story contains... see more

An in-depth, interactive study of this beautiful painting, examining it's subject, composition, technique, symbols and... see more

"Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir" is a serialized academic text that studies and analyzes the great films of the... see more

Personal ads are a way of communicating to others the person you are, or the person you want to be, in the hopes of... see more

You will find on this page the case studies produced by the Building Academic Integrity project partners from James Cross... see more

This is an Open University/BBC site. Renaissance Secrets goes on three, half hour quests of discovery to uncover some... see more

Making the Creative Process Visible: Full Films The resource comprises five short films documenting the development of... see more

This paper reports on the evaluation of the impact of the Boston Gun Project (Massachusetts), a problem-oriented policing... see more

This resource explores the exhibition space as a site or opportunity for discussion and debate: The relationship between... see more

The following films explore the ways in which fragmentation may play a key role in the subject or theme of seven artists... see more

The Web site is an example of a student-directed course project that documented each class session with photos. A... see more