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An assignment about using Google AdWords. As a pre-requisite, students need access to a website that does not currently... see more

This is a free online exercise offered by a business in New Zealand that traces a business transaction. One can download... see more

This is an exercise that shows how to install and use the All In One SEO Pack in WordPress. The exercise assumes that... see more

This is a page for an in class activity that can be used in organiational behavior, leadership, and management courses.... see more

Introduction to the Activity Customer journey mapping is an effective way for students to understand: the overall buying... see more

This problem-based learning activity helps students practice analyzing economic events associated with the following... see more

In this project students use both synchronous (Web conferencing) and asynchronous (Google Sites) tools to research a... see more

This is an in-class activity used to demonstrate the life time value of customer satisfaction.

In critical thinking courses and business courses, students are asked to think outside of the box and to challenge their... see more

An assignment to help students become professionally certified in HootSuite, a social media management system.

In teaching leadership and organizational behavior, leading change will be a topic that comes up in... see more

This web page describes an experiential activity that can be used to illustrate the four functions of management:... see more

This is Part 2 of the New Coke Case Study. It is highly recommended that student groups undertake the New Coke Case Study... see more

This assignment evaluates Positioning Theory (Trout and Ries) and applies it to LinkedIn. It is a simple application of... see more

In a sales transaction, both the selling and buying entities have economic events that must be recognized in their... see more

An assignment on how students can create an "ePortfolio" using social media.

This assignment uses the Near Beer supply chain management simulation to demonstrate the complexities of meeting changes... see more

I learned about the concept Task Significance. Task Significance is giving an opporotunity to an employee to do work that... see more

An accounting system consists of business processes which can be described as interrelated sets of structured activities... see more

A short assignment whereby students use Twitter for one hour.

In this activity, students look at the output from a market share (market concentration) spreadsheet and attempt to... see more

This is an assignment using the PRIZM zip code geo-demographics to illustrate consumer markets and segmentation.

This technology-rich lesson plan helps high school students understand the concepts of simple and compounding interest.... see more

A term project that develops sales professionals through analyzing and evaluating the sales management of a particular... see more