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This guide from offers advice to business owners on estate planning. Topics include Choose an Estate Plan,... see more

This audit is a series of questions designed to assist the small business manager in candidly and honestly evaluating... see more

'As Emily Barker notes in Inc. magazine's October 2000 cover story, start-ups are sprouting on campus. What's it like... see more shares advice for finding and securing venture capital, including some back-to-basics information on capital... see more

This site from links to archives for tips, strategies, and success stories of starting up on a shoestring.... see more

This guide has links to resources to help businesses get financing. Topics include Angel Investors, Venture Capital, SBA... see more

This is a collection of articles to help one understand the ins and outs of borrowing. From the application process to... see more

Free, confidential business advice for entrepreneurs from a business expert via email. SCORE is a non-profit organisation... see more

SBA is a small business resource site that provides blank financial forms. They have forms from balance sheets to loan... see more

This site from provides links to articles that pertain to someone who is seeking a business partner. Specific... see more

This guide from features links to articles regarding start-up capital. Topics include: Survey the Field,... see more

"An Introduction to Franchising is designed to introduce young people to the fascinating world of franchising. Many... see more

This guide from contains various tips for finding and working with angel investors. Topics include Online... see more

Learn about liquidity ratios (current ratio and quick ratio) using this printable Smartacus Study Sheet.

ראיון עם מנהל החממה הטכנולוגית שבפארק התעשייה רותם - על החממה ועל הרעיון העומד מאחוריה.

מידע על השינויים בחוקי המשחק הכלכליים בעקבות התפתחות טכנולוגיות המידע - על הכלים שלאורם יש לראות את השינויים המתרחשים מול... see more

מידע כיצד ניתן לפתח ולשווק רעיון לפיתוח תוכנה, טכנולוגיה או שרות בתחום האינטרנט.

Many times an entrepreneur can find him/herself trying to grow but is overloaded with the possibilities of where to... see more

Small businesses and big corporations have one thing in common: the person at the top is ultimately responsible for the... see more