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The site explains the basic principles and applications of project management including planning, coordinating,... see more

Instruction Study Material for Certification in Materials, Resource and Inventory Management.

This site contains an alphabetical listing of various methods, models and theories regarding supply chain management and... see more

Materials related to the just-in-time philosophy and concepts including a text chapter and a number of articles... see more

Information on the Six Sigma methodology, and links to articles describing companies that have implemented the Six Sigma... see more

This is a site that contains concise summaries of manjor management methods, models, and theories. The summaries are well... see more

Summary of the PLC concept and a number of related articles.

איך קורה שמשני מפעלי זכוכית הנושאים את אותו שם, פיניציה, אחד מצליח להרוויח ולהתרחב והשני זקוק לעירוי מזומנים דחוף, לפני... see more