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An assignment about using Google AdWords. As a pre-requisite, students need access to a website that does not currently... see more

This is an exercise that shows how to install and use the All In One SEO Pack in WordPress. The exercise assumes that... see more

Introduction to the Activity Customer journey mapping is an effective way for students to understand: the overall buying... see more

A term project that develops sales professionals through analyzing and evaluating the sales management of a particular... see more

This is an in-class activity used to demonstrate the life time value of customer satisfaction.

An assignment to help students become professionally certified in HootSuite, a social media management system.

This is Part 2 of the New Coke Case Study. It is highly recommended that student groups undertake the New Coke Case Study... see more

This assignment evaluates Positioning Theory (Trout and Ries) and applies it to LinkedIn. It is a simple application of... see more

An assignment on how students can create an "ePortfolio" using social media.

This assignment uses the Near Beer supply chain management simulation to demonstrate the complexities of meeting changes... see more

A short assignment whereby students use Twitter for one hour.

In this activity, students look at the output from a market share (market concentration) spreadsheet and attempt to... see more

This is an assignment using the PRIZM zip code geo-demographics to illustrate consumer markets and segmentation.

This activity is based around a free Excel template for quickly and easily running cluster analysis that is available at... see more

A short exercise that walks through the steps associated with installing a CAPTCHA on a WordPress blog.

This is an exercise that enables students to reflect upon their client-based group marketing project experience and... see more

In this marketing exercise, the students will gain an understanding of the complexity of consumer attitudes by reviewing... see more

Step-by-step instructions on getting a website started in WordPress. It assumes that students have their own domain name... see more

To acquire hands-on experience working in groups to develop and track a short e-mail marketing newsletter using... see more

This exercise walks students through the steps associated with purchasing a domain name and getting web (blog) hosting... see more

KFC has introduced chicken flavored nail polish into their Hong Kong market. This new product (in 2016) is a significant... see more

This activity is designed to introduce students to the for/against of adapting a global firm’s product mix to meet local... see more

This assignment uses the PBS Frontline documentary Merchants of Cool to examine the influence of media on teens and their... see more

If you plan on using Google Analytics, you will need a privacy policy on your website to ensure you are not violating... see more