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This is a 7 minute video that discusses how Second Life can be used for educational purposes.

This is an online book that covers several major learning theories and gives some multimedia activities and animations to... see more

A paper outlining basic considerations that should be given during the design and development process of web based... see more

This site provides a guide for writing effective writing assignments.

The site includes pages on instructional design, interaction and feedback, incorporating media, course management, and... see more

This is a short video that suggests that Web 2.0 tools have the power to transform education. Such a transformation... see more

The term “Flipped Classroom” is one that has generated discussion around the world of education. Through this method of... see more

This site from SERC describes the features of game-based learning, explains why you should use games to teach, and also... see more

This site suggests that "discussion sections are a great opportunity to use active learning strategies to make your... see more

The author describes how a statistics professor uses humor in his classroom to decrease student anxiety towards... see more

The first day of class is crucial both for your students and for you. This guide will help you make opening day as... see more

This article describes how humor can provide benefits in the college classroom. Humor is appreciated by both students and... see more

This is an excellent resource for teaching students how to understand and overcome the challenges of group work. The... see more

This study skills web site gives advice to students on generic skills and processes that contribute to success for any... see more

This video demonstrates how to use QuestGarden and describes the benefits of using it in education courses. QuestGarden... see more

San José State University's School of Library & Information Science uses Second Life to augment its distance learning... see more

This excellent and well researched resource provides all you need to know about the flipped classroom, what it is, how it... see more

This is a journal article published in Journal of Interactive Media in Education. The author suggests that games are... see more

This paper contains some very practical tips for using audio feedback in online courses. It reports the findings of a... see more

This article reviews many ways you can enhance students with learning disabilities to write better by using technology.... see more

In this article, the authors explore what types of questions are inquiry-based questions. They provide 10 specific... see more

This is an excellent site that answers the following questions: What is Inquiry? Why Teach Inquiry? What features... see more

This site provides a description and visual model of David Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle. The site also includes a... see more

This site provides a very simple chart that shows the best classroom practices for each type of learner: feeling,... see more