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A site mainly geared to upper grades or middle school but very useful for early undergraduate classes, too. Provides... see more

Essays on religion, religious movements and religious groups in America from Colonial times through the 20th century.... see more

An illustrated overview of the development of religion in America from Colonial times into the 19th century

Frontiers’ CEO, Kamila Markram, makes a case at TEDxBrussels for why open science is the key to innovation, economic... see more

This video is featured in the Next Vista For Learning video collection, free 1-5 minute clips you can also download. In a... see more

In the < For Literary Agents and Publishers > directory one will find a paper I have written which focuses upon the force... see more

The globalEDGE Ethics Module focuses on issues such as the importance of ethics in business, broad ethical themes... see more

Shows Genesis clearly states current knowledge of evolution and more.

A mathematical, Cartesian-based tome linking all known forms of life to a Creative entity.

BibleDudes is a totally awesome, entertaining, and informative website devoted to teaching the most influential book ever... see more

EduTube was launched to provide a solution to these two problems. EduTube is a platform launched in April 2008 which... see more

Describes the meaning and significance of the names of God in Genesis

An overview of Ninian Smart's Seven Dimensions of Religion This is a PowerPoint presentation at SlideShare suitable for... see more

This website provides basic information about the relationship between the ritual preparation of tea and Zen. There are... see more

It talks about the history of the Jordan River and the spot where Jesus was baptised.

Muslim feast of sacrifice.

Have you ever wondered how we got the Bible we have today, and why different religious traditions have different books in... see more

This website helps one further understand Underhill's description of the stages of faith.

This website helps one further investigate Paul Ricoeur's concept of naiveté as it relates to the stages of faith.

The material depicts about the pattern of every universal matter which incorporates crystal structures, along with that... see more

שיעור בתלמוד בבלי בן עשר דקות, המתאר בצורה מסודרת את מהלך הסוגיה מתחילת מסכת בבא בתרא ועד סוף שף ב.