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This excellent site contains a large and interesting selection of material on Fibonacci Numbers and their myriad related... see more

An award-winning site concerning the history of mathematics. In-depth coverage of numerous people, topics, mathematical... see more

This site provides an extensive and cross-linked history of the development of pi. It is a subpage of the MacTutor... see more

This is a very nice resource for anyone interested in using an abacus. While it does not offer an interactive abacus it... see more

Information on the life and accomplishments of Archimedes.

Biographical sketches of mathematicians ordered by name of date. Also a list of female mathematicians.

Interactive exporation of famous curves in the history of Math

An overview of the life and accomplishments of Galileo

History of mathematics with separate articles for subject area and cultural background.

A collection of links to sites that discuss famous curves, as well as a wealth of other mathematical topics. Most are a... see more

Information on the life and accomplishments of Sir Isaac Newton

Biography of Thales of Miletus (624BC-547BC)

The abacus is an ancient tool used for counting, with theRussian version being specifically designed for counting rubles... see more

A site for tiling from the historical and mathematical viewpoint. Hundreds of tiling images grouped and classified by... see more

Quoted from the site: "These pages are part of an on-going project at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia, to... see more

Official Calculator of the Roman Empire

Biographies of mathematicians who were born or died on this day are given. Links to those for the previous and next days,... see more

Quoted from site: "This site is dedicated to mathematical, historical and algorithmic aspects of some classical... see more

Housed with the Digital Mathematics Archive (, this site contains a complete... see more

Quoted from the site: "The Platonic Realms Home Page delivers fresh math humor, quotes, historical notes, and... see more

Thales' Theorem: A triangle inscribed in a semicircle is right.

This site offers a detailed chronology on the history of computing

This site describes John Napier's life and works and, in particular, his invention known as Napier's Bones. A Java applet... see more