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Real space lattice vectors can adjusted while the corresponding real and reciprocal space lattices are displayed. The... see more

An online surface chemistry course with emphasis on surface analysis techniques. Course chapters include: 1. Structure of... see more

The simulation shows distortion of the strontium titanate perovskite crystal structure below a critical temperature. The... see more

Animation of the Gibbs Phase Rule for one component and two component systems. Various regions in the phase diagrams can... see more

This tutorial provides an introduction to tensor properties, notations, and operations. Tensor applications to materials... see more

A ferromagnetic material's hysteresis loop is simulated as a function of coercivity, saturation field, and remanence. The... see more

Teach Yourself Phase Diagrams is an online tutorial which covers the essentials of binary phase diagrams. Interactive... see more

The 32 crystallographic point groups are rendered by the Rayshade 3-D ray tracing program. Animated GIF movies and high... see more

Scientific data sets presented in the form of spreadsheets, image analysis, online mapping/graphing, data portals, and... see more

The Jules Verne Voyager has a wealth of interactive maps of solar system planets. The UNAVCO university consortium server... see more