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Halfway down the web page is a wonderful applet depicting Radioactive Decay.

This film briefly considers the nature of atoms as an introduction to an educational unit on the health effects of... see more

This film examines the process of radioactive decay as part of an educational unit on the health effects of ionizing... see more

This film explores the health effects of ionizing radiation (radioactivity). The film also examines methods for reducing... see more

A Shockwave simulation designed to illustrate the basic principles and operation of a mass spectrometer.

Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues

This 26 minute YouTube film examines exposures to gamma rays that are emitted from the nuclei of certain radioactive... see more

its some main conceptual points on quantum theory.... which every person must know..

ScienceOpen is a freely accessible open access/open research network to discover and evaluate scientific information.... see more

This 20:17 minute YouTube film examines occupational exposures to x-rays in medicine, research, and industry. Major... see more

ChemRxiv (pronounced "chem archive") is a free online submission, distribution, and archival service for unpublished... see more

This film examines exposures to beta particles that are emitted from the nuclei of some heavy, unstable atoms. Major... see more

'Whether you are covering isotopes in a chemistry course, collecting information for work, or simply interested in... see more

'Learn what is required for proper protection from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and radioactive isotopes.... see more

כיצד התחילו החיים על פני כדור הארץ וכיצד נוצרה המעטפת הדקיקה המכונה אטמוספרה? כדי לנסות ולתת מענה לשאלות הללו המאמר מנסה... see more

על גילויו של איזוטופ מיוחד של ניקל, שבעקבותיו פונים הכימאים לחפש תשובות במודל רמות האנרגיה של הגרעין.

A great colleciton of stellar spectra and tutorial

Principles of quantum mechanics with application to the elements of atomic structure and energy levels, diatomic... see more

In Chemistry 131C, students will study how to calculate macroscopic chemical properties of systems. This course will... see more

The purpose of this OER is to provide students with a comprehensive textbook aligned with the NDT 130 (Radiographic... see more