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This is a tutorial site providing interactive bony and soft tissue shoulder palpation, descriptive text, and a... see more

Graphic video. Above the Knee Amputation

This is a free textbook offered by InTech. ' New technologies, developments in implant design and advances in surgical... see more

FreeBooks4Doctors goal is to freely promote online medical books/literature to doctors and those in the medical... see more

Online version of Dr. Dale Snead's Hand Injuries in Athletics Presentation given at National Athletic Trainers'... see more

This is an animated video on the process and procedure for patients undergoing a hip replacement. It provides basic... see more

This site is maintained by DePuy Orthopaedics, who is one of the leading joint replacement implant companies in the... see more

Numerous and varied etiologies may cause a child to limp. These include congenital, infectious, traumatic and... see more

St. Mary's hospital performs a total knee replacement. Commentary provided.

According to the website, "Duke University Medical Center's Division of Orthopedic Surgery, in conjunction with Data... see more

This article explores what an intertrochanteric fracture involves, complications that may arise and options avaliable to... see more

Las alteraciones congénitas son comunes en los niños, en especial las que afectan el pie. Dentro de ellas podemos... see more

This is a free online textbook offered by InTech. 'Arthroscopy has now become the most commonly performed musculoskeletal... see more

Interactive animation of knee replacement. This is narranted and very informative in assisting you in learning how this... see more

'Monster Anatomy HD - Lower Limb is an interactive lower limb radiology atlas presented at the 2009 Radiological Society... see more

F1000Research provides an Open Science platform to publish all forms of scientific content related to life sciences and... see more

'An affordable alternative for students, the Student Muscle System is an informative and accessible app that's a great... see more

Introduction to hip pathologies, associated impairments, and limitations in the context of physical therapist assistant... see more

A sample introductory lesson in applied Physical Therapist Assistant measurement of range of motion, taken from Norkin... see more

'Overview: iMuscle is a sophisticated workout aid that can be taken anywhere. Use it to identify a body part or... see more

This app was set up to share knowledge and help you test and verify your Orthopedics knowledge. It's a great way for you... see more

'A Reference for the most common trigger points and referral patterns for over 70 muscles. Features 100+ trigger points... see more

This Patient Education and Counseling Volume 29, Issue 2, November 1996, Pages 189-197 article explores the difference in... see more

ככל שעולה גיל הילדים, כך גדל שיעור הילדים המתלוננים על כאבי גב, צוואר וכתפיים. נראה שיש לילקוט בית הספר תרומה "כבדה"... see more