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The PADs are a set of Java applets that allow students to respond to questions on the web by drawing a diagram or making... see more

This is the beginning of an online course to get to grips with 3D vectors for anyone who wants to learn. Most of the... see more

Convert difficult units in acceleration, density, mass and lots more... see more

Fermat's principle states that: The path of a ray of light between two points is the path that minimizes the travel time.... see more

This applet demonstrates how the instantaneous velocity can be approximated as the time interval is decreased for an... see more

A site devoted to graphical presentations on many subjects, most notably physics, mathematics, and biology. Many... see more

Challenges for Electronics is a suite of seven educational programs for electricity, electronics and math. The titles of... see more

Print Cartesian, engineering, polar, isometric, hexagonal, probability, Smith chart and logarithmic graph paper free from... see more

A book on introductory mechanics and numerical methods for lower-division undergraduate students in engineering or... see more

A general purpose Fourier analysis/synthesis application with a graphical interface. In analysis mode, the user can... see more

Objects are drawn in the first quadrant of body axes x,y,z. Positions are described in terms of both body angles and... see more

The electronic Journals Delivery Service (eJDS) Programme is geared to facilitate free access to current scientific... see more

This is a great site that has many lessons, ideas, professional development, and contacts. There is almost too much to... see more

Tutorial on Fourier Series, including an applet showing the summation of Fourier terms for a number of different... see more

Graph Paper Printer is an application designed to print numerous kinds of graph papers, music manuscripts and pattern... see more

Java applet for demonstrating how to measure distances by measuring the lengths of shadows.

Construction toybox. To play online with architect blocks and gravitation. Latest release: Mathcats. Original :... see more

Applet shows many particles engaged in a chase to demonstrate respective motion.

The California State University and MERLOT have partnered to showcase how and why faculty have adopted Open Educational... see more

Algodoo uses 2D simulations to create scenes and allow users to experiment with physics concepts through the building of... see more

This course provides a basic understanding of computer modeling in physics. Topics include basics of python programming... see more

This is a free, online wikibook, so its contents is continually being updated and refined. According to the authors, "The... see more

This lab vividly illustrates the difference between distance/displacement and velocity/speed for beginning physics... see more