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Displays the Fresnel Diffraction pattern of a large number of user-selectable and adjustable aperture patterns.

A set of simulations exploring the basic properties and creation of both sound and electromagnetic waves.

A collection of simulations and virtual labs focusing on first-year college physics. PhET provides fun, interactive,... see more

A group of simulations on the physical and geometric nature of light along with applications of electromagnetic... see more

A complete set of simulations for the second semester of a college level physics class.

This applet illustrates the propagation of electromagnetic fields from a transmitter to a receiver

A noninteractice simulation of reflection, refraction, and diffraction.

Applet simulates an optical bench, including lenses, mirrors, and aperatures.

A simulation of different pictures and patterns as viewed through different lenses. The index of refraction and... see more

This is a simulation of an ideal virtual lens. Users can change the focal length, object size, and measure distances.... see more

This simulation shows the basic principles behind a prism, and demonstrates Snell's Law. Users can see how a prism... see more

A simulation on the formation of shadow and dim light by an extended light source. The source can become point-like. Una... see more