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This site offers modules focusing on different aspects of psychology. The authors described it this way, "This site is... see more

A series of "crime drama" videos and associated instructional videos that explore a range of psychological applications... see more

PSYBLOG is a collection of blog articles on recent research findings or topics of interest in psychology. The studies... see more

Wiki book on cognitive psychology and neuroscience, not vetted

The Muller-Lyer illusion falls into the class of distortion illusions, specifically, this illusion distorts perception of... see more

Edited by Jane Halonen and Stephen Davis, this "e-book" is sponsored by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Its... see more

This is a simulation of the Stroop Effect experiment demonstrating the powerful interfernce effects of reading. Concise... see more

Affect is to cognition and behavior as feeling is to thinking and acting, or as values are to beliefs and practices.... see more

From the homepage: Beck Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides exceptional training in CBT to health and mental... see more

Collection of java-based experiments designed for use in a cognitive psychology course. Allows instructors to specify and... see more

CogPrints (1997) is an open access, electronic archive in which authors can self-archive papers in any area of Cognitive... see more

This is a free online course that is offered by UC Berkeley. Each of 27 lectures can be downloaded from this page from... see more

Homepage at University of Washington of Elizabeth F. Loftus, premiere researcher in the area of false memories. Lists... see more

The Human Intelligence website includes "biographical profiles of people who have influenced the development of... see more

'This course is an introduction to cognitive development focusing on children's understanding of objects, agents, and... see more

'Cognitive neuroscience is an exciting and a relatively new area of research into the neural basis of the human mind.... see more

This site offers some demonstrations of heuristics and biases, followed by an outline of a lecture on the topics.

Khan Academy video tutorial series on the nervous system. Includes 5 videos relevant to an introduction to attention and... see more

Khan Academy video tutorial series on cognition. Includes 6 videos relevant to an introduction to cognitive psychology... see more

Khan Academy video tutorial series on memory. Includes 9 videos relevant to an introduction to memory (general psychology... see more

'Cognitive science arose in the 1950s when it became apparent that a number of disciplines, including psychology,... see more

Tutorials and other resource material from the Cognition Laboratory section of the Human-Automation Integration Research... see more

An online version of the Penny Memory Test.

"An ambitious description and critical analysis of the aesthetic pleasures of video game play, drawing on early... see more