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One of 4 learning modules created in 2022 for the College Educator Development Program - a collaboration of five Ontario... see more

Deaf Planet's web media site is in both American Sign Language (ASL) and French Sign Language (LSQ). Their site content... see more


edX is a joint partnership between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and Harvard University to begin... see more

This article focuses on 14 psychological factors that are primarily internal to and under the control of the learner... see more

This is a short video featuring students actually doing peer review as feedback in a creative writing course. The... see more

This website is for people interested in learning more about how to design courses for greater student engagement and... see more

'Dedicated Learning Professionals and Educators across the globe were until recently desperately seeking for ways,... see more

Michael incorporates real problems from the business world into his courses. He contacts former students, potential and... see more

This article discusses the inevitable "bumps" in trying to institute student-centered instruction from both the student... see more

This is actually a short summary of the major chapters in book entitled "Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to... see more

Experiential learning in its many forms is widely recognized as a high-impact educational practice, one that has been... see more

This resource is designed to provide insight into some of the deeper aspects of student engagement, thereby enabling you... see more

Programmed Learning often called Programmed Instruction paved the way for learner-centred and self-paced learning. It is... see more

The essays in this volume that pay tribute to an outstanding educator, Delsworth Harnish from McMaster University deal... see more

This site provides information about learner-centered teaching as well as links to presentations the author has made... see more

This is for you, if you are someone wanting to find out more about the use and value of play in higher education (HE).... see more

100 Ideas for Active Learning is a practical handbook to inspire innovative educational experiences. It is for educators... see more