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Informational presentation on the water cycle and its impact on Earth's climate. Site gives a multi-phased journey of the... see more

This book contains material used for an Environmental Geoscience course for first-year college students interested in... see more

This site reviews the major distinguishing features of each of Earth's atmospheric layers.

Animation of the break up of Pangaea,Earth's crust, plate boundaries (types). CA Earth Science Standard # 3a.

"A searchable directory of images, visualizations and animations of the earth" - Contains useful imagery for instruction... see more

Explaining the role of different climatic factors in land degradation.

This is a series of interactive visualizations that show how some of the key indicators of climate change have changed in... see more

The lessons posted on this site were designed to engage students with real-world data relevant to content taught in... see more

A collection of before-and-after Landsat images of worldwide locations, this site presents environmental events and... see more

Map of sensor bouy's floating in the pacific. Mouse over a bouy to get latest data (temp, wind, humity).

Animation showing the formation of a tsunami.

The interactive web-based simulation activity (which requires Flash) illustrates principles of global warming and climate... see more

An introduction to the increasingly prominent relationship between the composition of our atmosphere, weather and... see more

This site give a photographic documentation of climate change along with great information and news about global warming... see more

This course provides students with a scientific foundation of anthropogenic climate change and an introduction to climate... see more

Good brief overview of many of the physical characteristics about the atmosphere.

This site contains short articles about climatology and meteorology, and links to relevant resources on the web.

From the site: "The purpose of NASA's Earth Observatory is to provide a freely-accessible publication on the Internet... see more

weather analysis and forcasts. Also give quizes on weather related themes.

This site can be used for several different activities in a unit about climate. Using the available maps students can... see more

Four interrelated lesson plans explore the dynamic nature of the Sun, magnetic fields of the Earth, magnetic... see more

According to the authors, "This online textbook could be followed section by section, presenting first the climate system... see more

'The NASA Space Weather App provides access to space environment information from the sun to the earth, giving users a... see more