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The Essential Science for Teachers courses are designed to help k - 6 teachers gain an understanding of some of the... see more

Laboratory exercises for use in introduction to physical geology: 1. Rock cycle, 2. Rock-forming minerals -... see more

An Interactive site that allows teachers/students to explore plate tectonics and how rocks are formed. The site offers... see more

Students describe the hydrogeologic properties of different sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

Studying rock types, weathering processes and human history in a cemetery.

Students describe and interpret glacial features exposed in gravel pits and outcrops.

Groningen, a province in the northeast of the Netherlands, is experiencing earthquakes due to the extraction of gas. This... see more

Use valley and slope deposits to reconstruct recent landscape erosion and sedimentation history.

SOILx is an information service for soil types and soil sites across Canada. SOILx enables you to search spatially its... see more