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Russia has invaded its neighbor Ukraine, a conflict that may ultimately draw the U.S. and NATO into a larger war. There... see more

Note: Requires subscription to Wall Street Journal U.S. stock indexes declined as investors monitored inflation and... see more

Amid surprise that the financial system has not been dealt a more severe blow there are warnings of systemic risks still... see more

Ukraine is on the news, so one Orange County teacher decided to bring it into the classroom. Find out how he's teaching... see more

AGNI was founded fifty years ago, in 1972, by a Ukrainian-American writer and a group of his fellow writers at Antioch... see more

East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, online periodical, publishing original research... see more

The Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine is the most comprehensive work in the English language on Ukraine, its history,... see more

Once completed, the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine (IEU) will be the most comprehensive source of information in... see more

This article discusses how to have important conversations with kids about world events like those taking place in... see more

This course explores the political and historical evolution of the Soviet state and society from the 1917 Revolution to... see more

Use this Teaching Idea to introduce students to the experiences of Ukrainian refugees fleeing war, highlight inspiring... see more

The community of educators leading global education initiatives at GEBG member schools frequently shares with each other... see more

The American Association for Ukrainian Studies (AAUS) is a registered non-profit educational organization founded in 1989... see more

In this lesson, students explore the current situation in Ukraine and its historical origins; analyze political cartoons;... see more

Ukraine - Ukraine - Cultural life: Ukraine possesses a wealth of cultural talent and a considerable cultural legacy.... see more

One interpretation of the name “Ukraine” is borderland. This needs to be taken seriously. Borderlands are all about... see more

The Ukrainian History and Education Center is located at 135 Davidson Avenue in Somerset, New Jersey 08873. It is easily... see more

The primary mission of the Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago is to preserve and share the Ukrainian Immigration... see more

As Ukraine faces a fight the likes of which it hasn’t seen since WWII, writers across the US joined by their Ukrainian... see more

The invasion of Ukraine has been the top story in the news for the last few weeks, and kids around the world are asking... see more

Many Ukrainian Americans feel connected to Ukraine’s history and independence, including scholar Katja Kolcio. She writes... see more

Askold Melnyczuk, who founded AGNI fifty years ago, delivered this speech for UMass Boston on February 28, 2022. We are... see more

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, often shrouded in mystery, finally made a move with his striking invasion of Ukraine... see more