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This is a game students can play where they are scored on how well they interpret overlap of confidence intervals.

The WISE Bootstrapping Applet can be used to demonstrate bootstrapping by creating a confidence interval for a population... see more

Optimal classification of cases into two groups must consider the costs of the different types of errors, the benefits of... see more

Researchers and students alike often mistake any overlap among confidence intervals to denote a statistically... see more

The interactive WISE Confidence Interval Creation Applet allows instructors to demonstrate how sample size, alpha level,... see more

This tutorial teaches students about statistical power and how it is influenced by a variety of features of the... see more

Every day we have to make decisions about uncertain events like, 'Is that my phone ringing or one on the television?',... see more

This tutorial illustrates the relationship between statistical power and four features of the test situation. An applet... see more

This tutorial will help you determine how accurate a sample mean is likely to be, and how this accuracy is related to the... see more

This tutorial takes the learner step-by-step in applying descriptive and inferential statistics using a real world... see more

This tutorial illustrates the basic principles of the Central Limit Theorem and enhances conceptual understand of why the... see more

Introduces the concept of power and the relationship between power and effect size, alpha, and sample size.

This exercise will help the user understand the logic and procedures of hypothesis testing. To make best use of this... see more

This applet serves to introduce the logic of hypothesis testing using z-scores.

This applet teaches fundamental properties of sampling distributions of means such as accuracy of sample means,... see more

This site contains a variety of interactive statistical applets that are useful for in-class demonstrations, homework... see more