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Fundamental concepts; Energy, energy transfer and first law of thermodynamics;Properties of pure substances; Energy... see more

Energy demand and conventional sources; Alternative sources; Solar energy, solar radiation -- extraterrestrial and... see more

Fundamental concepts; Properties of gases and vapours; Laws of thermodynamics and their corollaries. Non-flow and flow... see more

Introduction: basic engine types, their operation and testing; Idealized cycles and processes; Fuels: IC engine fuels,... see more

Concept of refrigeration and its applications; Different refrigeration methods; Analysis of vapour compression... see more

Introduction: Organisation structure; System concept; mechanical, electrical, electronic and software components;... see more

Basic principles of measurements; Characterisation and behaviour of typical measuring systems; Different types of sensing... see more

Fundamentals of classical thermodynamics, first and second laws; Concept of properties. Reversible and irreversible... see more