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This web page by Dr. Tim Xie provides audio, video, homework, flashcard practice on Chinese characters. You can also find... see more

From the National Museum of Language, a game about the Chinese writing system. A good way to pique curiosity about the... see more

The purpose of this course is to develop (i) Basic conversational abilities (pronunciation, fundamental grammatical... see more

Learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and easily! 40 online lessons with audio, including reading, speaking, writing, modern... see more

A collection of vocabulary, readings, and references for learning and practicing Chinese business language and culture.

پندرہ دن میں چینی زبان سیکھیں اور سی پیک جیسے پراجیکٹس کا بھرپور فائدہ اٹھائیں۔ Learn Chinese Language in Urdu is an... see more

Gateway to Chinese offers you a collection of free interactive language learning exercises for beginning Mandarin... see more

This is a list of games that can be used to help you learn Chinese.

Collection of tools for Chinese language educators

This is a stand-alone intereactive Powerpoint module for reviewing tones in Mandarin.

The Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) is devoted to the study of Chinese language, culture and pedagogy. Its... see more

Arch Chinese is an effective Chinese learning system crafted by Chinese teachers in the United States for Mandarin... see more

Language Mentor is a) a mobile app, and b) a free and open platform for publishing language lessons. The Humanities app... see more

Do you want to Learn and Speak Chinese Language fluently? This Learning Chinese Language App provides you the opportunity... see more

Online Chinese exercises, diagrams, photos, interviews, answer key. Covers a wide range of topics with authentic... see more

Flash dictionary made by children from the Life in New China website by Ask Particularly effective for young... see more

This site contains a large list of available resources for Chinese learning and teaching.

This website aims to make Mandarin Chinese accessible to as many people as possible. The website currently has 37 lessons... see more

This subject is the first semester of two that form an introduction to modern standard Chinese, commonly called Mandarin.... see more

A list of common idioms, many of which are based on historical anecdotes. The idioms are arranged in an alphabetical... see more

This site teaches Mandarin Chinese initials, finals, and tones. It also provides pinyin tables and supplemental rules for... see more

崑山科技大學核心通識 - 國文(1)課程

崑山科技大學核心通識課程 - 中國文學(2)

Reading programs at two levels providing extra-curricular reading materials for students.