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The goal of is to provide unfiltered resources and honest advice to those developing or operating a... see more

This article provides information regarding the imperative education nursing simulation labs provide student nurses... see more

This is a trauma moulage. It can be very helpful in emergency Medicine. A moulage is a practice scenario, where you have... see more

This article describes an exploratory study of communication, collaboration, confidence, learning opportunity, and error... see more

Virtual Simulation site created by Laerdal Medical in collaboration with the National League for Nursing and Walters... see more

This is a simulation created by Janssen Pharmaceutica, a company that makes a drug treatment for schizophrenia. It lets a... see more

This is a walkthrough machinima of an heart sounds exam (ausculatation) simulation with heart sounds and assessment.

Second Life Nursing Simulation by kelleypc from Penn State. The simulation is demonstrated and explained in a YourTube... see more

This simulation was developed by faculty at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. According to the web... see more

Web-HUMAN provides educators with a no-fee, web browser-accessible full implementation of Tom Coleman’s classic systems... see more

Simulated video showing nursing students the actions to take and clinical expectations for a postpartum hemorrhage.

Partnering to Heal is an informative video simulation on preventing hospital acquired infections. It is interactive and... see more

The Worldwide Health Information System Simulation Linkage (WHISSL, is a mature educational... see more

From the University of Texas Medical Branch, this tool offers sequential web-based cases to enable students to improve... see more

The Center for Human Simulation (CHS) is a synthesis of human anatomy and computed three-dimensional imaging. This... see more

Pandemic 2 - a health pandemic simulation & science strategy game. Disease spreading & virus control game to play online-... see more

A simulation for students to experience continuity in order to provide excellent nursing care to veterans.

VIROLAB is a virology lab simulation. It is aimed at learning medical students how to identify genetical defects in a... see more

Online interactive virtual simulations with integrated curriculum resources provide a full simulation learning... see more

This Flash simulation from the Royal Veterinary College is designed to help pre-clinical students to understand the... see more

A customizable teaching tool that simulates genetics inheritance including linkage over generations. An instructor can... see more

In this simulation, the learner will assume the perspective of various public health professionals responding to a... see more

An online simulation game that requires you to administer the right medications to each patient.

An online game and simulation of ECG dysrhythmias. The learner has the opportunity to identify, analyze and interpret... see more