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This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. ' Six Sigma has become perhaps the defining management initiative of the... see more

Unternehmen im deutschsprachigen Raum verankern Prozessmanagement zunehmend in ihrer Organisation und richten es... see more

This course covers the fundamentals of operations management as they apply to both production and service-based... see more

The case presents the problems that the Al-Kadi Truck & Trailer Parts Division is facing. These problems are related to... see more

The multimedia case studies Lean Practices in the service industry. Specifically, in an eye care organization. Through... see more

Green supply chain management is an introductory book that will give the readers a glimpse about environmental aspects in... see more

The Masters Series Madrid case study has been developed as a simulation where students take the role of project manager... see more

Services are characterized by management and supply of information. Information has replaced inventory. Services are... see more

This course provides you with a framework to understand the structure and dynamics of high-tech businesses, together with... see more

'This workbook provides a means of systematically defining, formulating, solving, and evaluating service design problems... see more

15.872 is a continuation of 15.871 Introduction to System Dynamics. It emphasizes tools and methods needed to apply... see more

Sort video showing CEO experiencies solving business problems. Languages: Catalan and Spanish

Developing New Products and Services by Sanders is an outstanding contribution to market research. The book focuses on... see more

This book describes the Criteria to be used by a GDPR Gap Assessment by Business Function and Processes to support... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice demonstrates the power of synergy... see more

This free simulation is a 2-3 hour hands-on, interactive inventory management management simulation for supply chain... see more

This book is intended for students of the natural and engineering sciences (especially mechanical and industrial... see more

A java applet and short description demonstrating M/M/1 queues (simple waitiing lines.)

Materials related to the just-in-time philosophy and concepts including a text chapter and a number of articles... see more

This site contains links to free shareware that can be used in a manufacturing class. The tools are for Manufacturing... see more

This classroom unit will step you through the process of manufacturing system design. From Bill of Material to System... see more

The Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP) Program is a unique, innovative technology transfer effort that improves the... see more

Information to be used by project managers to determine if a project could be developed using the RAD process. One needs... see more

Students read how profits can be doubled with the elimination of only a fraction of the "waste" in a company's operation.