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The European Commission mappedmedia literacy good practices and the promotionof transferring knowledge between member... see more

The international website serves as a clearinghouse for resources on media and information literacy.

The Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode Island advances media literacy education through research and... see more

This collection of resources, including links to professional learning opportunities, was compiled in conjunction with... see more

MIL CLICKS focuses on media and information literacyÖ critical thinking, creativity, literacy, intercultural aspects,... see more

Media and Information Literacy Platform for Exchanging Educational Resources (MIL/PEER) is a tool developed by Evens... see more

NATEN brings together information from the many fields and disciplines that are involved in assistive technology services... see more

NCBI, a subset of the National Library of Medicine, maintains a wealth of free bioinformatics resources. Their website... see more

In 10 episodes, John Green will teach you how to navigate the internet! We’ve partnered with MediaWise, The Poynter... see more

This Edutopic article lists tips, standards, strategies, tools, and other resources to help new teachers successfully... see more

Compare the news from liberal to conservative.

News in Education Online works with newspapers to provide weekly classroom resources on news literacy.

This web page is adapted from a blog from the News and Information Literacy Professional Learning Community on the... see more

The News Literacy Project works with educators and journalists to give students the skills they need to discern fact from... see more

The lesson plans and resources available at this website will help you navigate the news and media that’s important to... see more

Newstrition is an interactive tool that makes it easy for the public to make informed decisions

Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy (NJDL) is aimed at researchers, school authorities, school leaders in primary and... see more

The Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment defines the basic skills needed to use a computer and the internet in daily... see more

The multilingual multinational bibliography contains Information literacy resources (both print and digital) for 130... see more

What can and can’t be copied is a matter of law, but also of aesthetics, culture, and economics. The act of copying, and... see more

This British academic library is collating information literacy learning objects, including subject-specific ones in... see more

The RAILS project is intended to help librarians create and use rubrics for information literacy assessment. To this end,... see more

Librarians and (public) libraries are active in promoting information literacy and (more recently) media literacy. After... see more

This is a guide for faculty to learn more about Data Literacy. The library guide includes key articles, teaching tools,... see more