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This video was recorded at Cancer Bioinformatics Workshop, Cambridge 2010. Substantial amounts of data are being... see more

DNA transcription is a process that involves the transcribing of genetic information from DNA to RNA. Genes are... see more

This resource is a series of Powerpoint slides (and a list of further reading) on the cellular and molecular basis of... see more

This resource is a series of Powerpoint slides (and a list of further reading) on the rationale behind the design of... see more

This article outlines the discovery of a mechanism of assembing and localizing subcellular structures in the development... see more

'Ball & Stick is a high-quality molecular visualization app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is perfect for... see more

Simplified simulation explaining how DNA replication in bacteria works, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with... see more

description on bio molecules

Bio News Net (BiologyNews.Net) features the latest Biology articles, news, and current events found on the Web. Bio News... see more

BioBricks are the DNA sequences for bacterial genes that can be used as modules to bioengineer bacteria. The BioBricks... see more

Several high quality quicktime animations of infection by E. coli, infection by Salmonella, bacterail conjugation, the... see more

This is a introduction to the animal cell, the user will learn about its components and role in nature.

This site is an overview looking into the chromosome. The user will learn what the chromosome is and what its functions... see more

This is a informative site for membrane proteins. The user will learn aboout its structure and purpose.

This site in an overview on the struture and function of vacuoles within the cell. The user will learn about its purpose... see more

This site has a nice collection of bioinformatic tutorials and information. There are tutorials on how to search Genbank... see more

This is an article about Burkitt Lymphoma. The article goes into detail about the origins of Burkitt Lymphoma,... see more

'This is a core textbook essential for any biology student and will provide a strong grounding in biology concepts. This... see more

'CD molecules are cell-surface antigens identifiable by their reactions with specific monoclonal antibodies, which... see more

Most introductory science courses start with a discussion of scientific method. The 2nd edition of this interactive Cell... see more

The goal of this site is to develop and maintain an online informational resource for cell and molecular biologists that... see more

This course presents a detailed overview of the cell's main components and functions. The course is roughly organized... see more

An extensive set of lecture notes and pictures for microanatomy and endrocinlogy courses. Also includes online quizzes... see more

This site that celebrates research, education, and techniques in cytochemistry and cell biology.