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HALOMDA is a private company dedicated to developing of educational software in Math and Sciences. The company?s leading... see more

Text history of electromgntism. Hyperlinks to other applets.

Text only, with hyperlinks to other applets. Bibliography included.

How capacitors are made, how they work, how they are used in circuits, the concept of the farad, applications of... see more

Tutorial and applet that illustrates how charge distributes on a conductor due to the presence of another nearby charge.

=*+/+Discusses the fundamental electromagnetic principles of the ion engine, including applet.

Applet and tutorial discusses the basic electrodynamic principles of the Kelvin-Thomson atom.

Tutorial and applet illustrating the basic physics principles of forces acting on charged particles, producing linear... see more

Two applets demonstrate the appearance of Lissajous figures. Tutorial included.

This tutorial illustrates the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion, and how they can be seen as lines of force.

An applet that demonstrates the Lorentz force. Extensive explanatory text included.

Introduction to topics in electromagnetism, including hyperlinks to subtopics.

Tutorial and applet on basic electrodynamics. Applet lets the user vary the ratio of the electric and magnetic fields and... see more

Extensive explanatory text about the Coulomb and Lorentz forces.

This site is a quality site to teach children of all ages about electricity. The graphics are excellent and will keep... see more

Applet demonstrates the physics of paramagnetic materials. Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet and tutorial on basic issues of electrostatics involving a simple capacitor.

Modeling physical material more freely and making it move more flexibly is a dream long sought after by human beings, and... see more

This is a fun, brief look at one of the best rivalries in the history of science.

This Java applet shows a simple circuit consisting of an alternating voltage source and, depending on the selected... see more

Applet and tutorial that illustrates how charge distributes on a spherical surface when placed in a constant electric... see more

Two applets demonstrate how a cyclotron works by having charged particles move through a constant magnetic field.

Tutorial on the basic principles of capacitance and dielectrics.