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O aplicativo Arctic Atlas destaca a região Ártica e seu entorno, considerando suas características: físicas (concentração... see more

This site features contact information for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal experts. The website also provides access to... see more

Microsoft PowerPoint Windshield Survey Presentation by Sierra Malone assessing Hampton, VA and the stats about the... see more

Academic institutions are increasingly being held accountable for the quality of education which is, in turn, leading to... see more

Su Coy is studying GIS through Palomar College's ATE project and loving it. She never thought much about education as a... see more

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, provides an account of the 1995 avalanche that overran the fishing... see more

The station provides year-round research facilities and technical assistance to scientists from the five western Canadian... see more

Comentarios y fotografías de un Brrio típico de Valparaíso. Hablamos de un barrio característico de Valparaíso, pero que... see more

""ThematicView"" is a very simple Java program to show different layers of thematic maps in a java enabled Webbrowser.

Created by the Garmin Corporation, this glossary provides definitions for terms used in Global Positioning Systems (GPS)... see more

A collaboration between several Virginia-based, Chesapeake Bay-related organizations, this educational website includes... see more

'Take a fingertip tour of some of the world’s most intriguing creatures and incredible landscapes. This BBC Earth Wonders... see more

Behind the Chair is a site designed to provide resources for hairstylists and cosmetologists. The site has over 500,000... see more

This interactive lesson introduces students to issues of biodiversity in Chesapeake Bay. It features background... see more

O aluno poderá conhecer os diversos tipos de bioma que existem no Brasil, depois, identificá-los nas regiões... see more

The Bishop Museum in Honolulu houses a diverse array of exhibits focusing on the natural and cultural history of the... see more

Bismarck State College offers a program certificate, a certificate of completion, and an Associate in Applied Science... see more

This first year Geography textbook takes a holistic approach to Geography by incorporating elements of physical, human... see more

From Foothill College and the Using a Web-Based GIS to Teach Problem-Based Science in High School and College project,... see more

From Foothill College and the Using a Web-Based GIS to Teach Problem-Based Science in High School and College project,... see more

The website of the Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology has many resources pertaining to nearly all things... see more

Conduzir o aluno a identificar como ocorrem as estações do ano; trabalhar a questão dos equinócios e dos solstícios,... see more

GeoTech Center presents a series of model courses on GIS, spatial technologies, and related subjects. This capstone... see more

The Veteran's Day storm of November 9-14, 1996 may be the most severe early season lake effect snow (LES) storm the Great... see more