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YouAbility's YouTube channel (sponsored by EASI - Equal Access to Software and Information) contains several video... see more

Dieses Buch ist eine Open-Access-Publikation unter einer CC BY 4.0 Lizenz. Auf der Grundlage konkreter Forschungsprojekte... see more

This course explores how information technology is reshaping different dimensions of the U.S. labor market: the way work... see more

The HP Office jet Pro 8710 provides high quality of printing results. Setup or call our toll free... see more

15.082J/6.855J is an H-level graduate subject in the theory and practice of network flows and its extensions. Network... see more

This class offers a broad coverage of technology concepts and trends underlying current and future developments in... see more

Information Technology I helps students understand technical concepts underlying current and future developments in... see more

This course surveys a variety of reasoning, optimization, and decision-making methodologies for creating highly... see more

The extensive expansion growth of social networking sites allows the people to share their views and experiences freely... see more

Ejemplo de recogida de datos en la parte de Measure.

We use the WWW for so many things today--information, communication, collaboration. This little booklet, by the Google... see more

"Advanced Network Infrastructure 2015" is designed to provide a broad audience of IT decision makers - from the CIO to... see more

This site was created by a grant from the REMC Association of Michigan for the creation of an educational resource for... see more

Agrupación de procesos con sus respectivas entradas y salidas, requeridos en cualquier empresa de TI.

An introduction to several fundamental ideas in electrical engineering and computer science, using digital communication... see more

6.034 is the header course for the department's "Artificial Intelligence and Applications" concentration. This course... see more

MASLab (Mobile Autonomous System Laboratory), also known as 6.186, is a robotics contest. The contest takes place during... see more

This course provides an introduction to nonlinear deterministic dynamical systems. Topics covered include: nonlinear... see more

This course provides an introduction to the design of feedback systems. Topics covered include: properties and advantages... see more

This is a course on the fundamentals of probability geared towards first or second-year graduate students who are... see more

This course is the second of a two-term sequence with 6.450. The focus is on coding techniques for approaching the... see more

6.821 teaches the principles of functional, imperative, and logic programming languages. Topics covered include:... see more

The topics covered in this course include: Languages and compilers to exploit multithreaded parallelism Implicit parallel... see more

Animation is a compelling and effective form of expression; it engages viewers and makes difficult concepts easier to... see more