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As Ukraine faces a fight the likes of which it hasn’t seen since WWII, writers across the US joined by their Ukrainian... see more

The average saving rate for the typical American household before the recession started in 2007 was 2.9 percent; since... see more

Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is used worldwide in urban environments to replenish groundwater to provide a secure and... see more

This study tested the impact of a course redesign of a bottleneck General Chemistry course. The new design incorporated... see more

Wellcome Open Research is an open-access publishing platform for researchers with a place for rapidly publishing any... see more

Extensive research has taken place over the years to examine the barriers of OER adoption, but little empirical studies... see more

Is there a recipe for economic growth? Perhaps some Miracle-Gro for the economy? If only it were that easy. While the... see more

A mobile application is a form of software meant to operate on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It... see more

Web development is still one of today’s most popular activities considering the acceptance of smartphones and allied... see more

This article discusses the prevalence and treatment options for men suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety.

To those unfamiliar with financial and economic lingo, the terms bandied about in the news can sometimes make no sense.... see more

Learn about the typical work environments and responsibilities of an instructional designer.

The academic momentum perspective suggests that the speed with which undergraduates initially progress in college... see more

This article discusses the nature and concerns of Christian Ethics

Explicación sobre que es DMAIC y para que se utiliza.

Instructional design is the creation of learning experiences and materials resulting in the acquisition and application... see more

This is a scholarly article that examines the various definitions of sustainable development and how they are applied. It... see more

Does it feel like your dollars go as far as they used to? If not, how does that mesh when reports say inflation rates are... see more

Studying abroad has many benefits. To begin with, you will see the world, get to know new cultures and make new friends.... see more

We get asked the proverbial chicken and egg question a lot: which came first our LLAMA (Lot Like Agile Management... see more

This White Paper details the status of hip and knee arthroplasty care in Germany. Hip and knee replacements are amongst... see more

During the process of starting and growing a company, entrepreneurs seek help from their key advisors, which include its... see more

The United States has experienced a revival of interest in entrepreneurs. While much of the public fascination has... see more