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This lesson involves a WebQuest search about the Tectonic Plate Theory. It also involves making a digital video through... see more

In this activity, developed by the Lane Community College Geo-STAC program, students will "describe spatial occurrence of... see more

En este artículo se aborda el estudio de los tectosilicatos, su estructura y composición química. Los tectosilicatos son... see more

משימת חקר וכתיבה בשפה האנגלית. במטלה זו יכתבו התלמידים כתבות למגזין נוער ביתתי במגוון נושאים ויקבלו עליהן משוב. מופיע... see more

Lesson focuses on the many uses of periscopes and how this simple device was designed and is used in many applications.... see more

Lesson focuses on how thermometers have been impacted by engineering over time, and also how materials engineering has... see more

This document provides a learning module on tempered safety glass. In this activity, instructors demonstrate the fracture... see more

En este artículo se introduce la temporización mediante el temporizador del sistema SysTick en microcontroladores ARM... see more

En este artículo se muestran los fundamentos y los procedimientos prácticos apli-cables al dimensionado de vigas y... see more

En este artículo se ha analizado la distribución de tensiones generadas por múltiples solicitaciones (axil, cortantes en... see more

En este artículo se presentan las tensoestructuras, partiendo de una breve introducción histórica y de la descripción de... see more

En este artículo, intentamos mostrar de manera sintética los principales enfoques y aportaciones que han nutrido la... see more

Con este objeto de aprendizaje se explican conceptos básicos sobre los cambios de energía que acompañan a las reacciones... see more

The Materials Science and Technology Teacher's Workshop (MAST) provides this demonstration on corrosion. The class will... see more

In this lesson, students hear a story about Brother and Sister Bear, who seem to want everything. The little cubs learn... see more

In this lesson, students hear a story about two little bears whose parents use several figures of speech relating to... see more

In this lesson, students make a choice about what they want to eat for dinner, but then they are asked to trade with a... see more

Great website with tons of resources for biology teachers

The exhibit began as an exercise in the virtual classroom for The Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at... see more

This role playing activity, presented by the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, covers both methods of... see more

Students listen to a story about P.B. who thinks money is missing from the peanut butter jar on his window ledge. In... see more

This lesson from Illuminations helps illustrate recursive sequences. The interdisciplinary lesson uses elements from the... see more