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This 2-1/2-minute-long podcast is the second section of an interview with an Ecuadorian student, Daniela. It mostly... see more

A one-stop teacher resource website. Includes links to the study, teaching, appreciation, literature, the arts,, music,... see more

This book is available for free in iTunes. This book is designed for people who are studying Spanish for the first time,... see more

This book is designed for people who are studying Spanish for the first time, and also for those who studied it in the... see more

The site is ideal for learning the alphabet and developing basic vocabulary around sixteen themes using a flashcard... see more

Flash games, grammar mini-quizzes and virtual Spanish speakers to teach Spanish.

Videos of international, sports and other news are accompanied by written text of each.

What a GREAT collection of resources and ideas for the Spanish classroom. This is a great example of a 21st Century list... see more

US government sites pertaining to health and safety; health guides and publications; food and nutrition; education,... see more

This webpage on the Dees' Spanish for Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel site provides invaluable dialogue... see more

'Spanish Programmatic in Latin American dialect is intended to lead you to a minimum professionally useful level of... see more

'Free Online Foreign Language Courses... enjoy learning to become conversationally fluent in a foreign language. FSI... see more

The site includes 300 of Aesop's classic fables in Spanish. Each fable is presented on one page and using large print.

Presentation linking several Spanish A-Levels topics and themes: Spain before and after the Democracy, the Civil War,... see more

Select a language from the menu (French, German, Spanish are available [for that matter, so is English]). Intended to... see more

Concise advice presented on several pages.

These resources for introductory Spanish were designed and developed at Penn State Berks through collaboration between... see more

The website "Mundo latino" creates a webpage for links to the best websites on Latin American writers. These include... see more

Entertainment guide for Spain. You can find information on restaurants, music and cultural events, movies, etc.

The site provides information on the 247 countries and regions of the world. The site also includes world themes, e.g.,... see more

This site presents a photojournal about European's largest minority, the Gypsies. The site includes information on who... see more

healthfinder links to carefully selected information and web pages from over 1,500 health-related organizations.

A grammar book and interactive exercises for advanced students of Spanish. Includes articles on Latin America.

Exercises and games in French ,German, Spanish and Italian to engage FL learners.