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Thriving in Academe is a joint project of the National Education Association and theProfessional and Organizational... see more

According to the author of this document, "Lectures play a vital role in teaching. There will always be a place for... see more

In this episode Andrew Middleton talks with Anne Nortcliffe about the use of Audio Feedback in supporting her Software... see more

'Academic service-learning at St. John’s University is a classroom/experiential site- based program that involves... see more

According to the author, "This chapter has three purposes: to clarify what academic service learning entails; to identify... see more

'Reflection is a tool of service learning that deliberately incorporates creative and critical thinking by the student in... see more

This is the main website of the Diagnostic Digital Portfolio (DDP) of Alverno College. It is one of the first... see more

"This article explores excellence in web-based teaching. Drawing on the views of experts in the field and the perspective... see more

This site defines learning communities and then identifies four core ideas are central to the learning community process.... see more

This document outlines a task for a fictional student at a fictional university with the student’s completed work ready... see more

'WHAT DO WE KNOW about case study teaching? In spite of its extensive use in law and business education, the application... see more

Examples of collaborative learning include projects where students collaborated on the development and projects where... see more

The CSUSM QA 17-18 activities focus supporting online education, teaching strategies for faculty and student success, and... see more

A mobile device is any hand-held tool that permits Internet access and allows for communication and collaboration between... see more

'This free eBook, which was created as a result of a group project, is a great reference for those who want to know the... see more

'This guidebook was developed from materials that were developed for a series of workshops on e-learning sponsored and... see more

A document in which Bob Rotheram describes how he undertakes audio feedback.

This is an excellent resource that provides a step by step guide to critical essay writing. The site breaks down the... see more

'In this free guide you will find valuable information concerning basic guidelines for online collaborative student work... see more

The Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools (JROST) is a collaborative effort by like-minded individuals and organizations... see more

This is a document that answers a number of questions regarding Problem-based Learning. What is it? How does PBL Work?... see more

Although this guide is directed to individuals at Iowa State, some of the resources and guidlines would be helpful to... see more

'In this free eBook, almost 800 people share in-depth stories about their teachers. As people recall their most memorable... see more

This site describes the New Era Learning Communities developments at the Evergreen State College. Topics include:... see more