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This site contains an intiutive key program that aids in the identification of unknown fungi. Easy and full versions of... see more

'The first 45 chapters have been translated from German into English covering all plant anatomy, classic genetics,... see more

This website helps others to understand the guidlines about plant deficiency and how to identify the problem. The website... see more

The Partnership for Plant Genomics Education (PPGE) is dedicated to developing an educational program dealing with plant... see more

Campylobacter has emerged as the leading cause of bacterial foodborne disease worldwide with a significant impact on... see more

Se aporta la base teórica para poder hacer un análisis Clúster a partir de inventarios fito sociológicos.

Se realiza un ejemplo práctico de un análisis Clúster a partir de inventarios fito sociológicos.

This is a good website to teach general terms and concepts of plant physiology to students. This website also comes with... see more

Botany Depot is a great website that contains a wide variety of information pertaining to botany. This website includes... see more

The material is accessible after a free registration. This lesson contains 3D models. Some of them are available after a... see more

En este artículo se explica que es un inventario fitosociológico, cómo se realiza el inventario fitosociológico en campo,... see more

En este artículo docente se explican los conceptos de alfa- beta y gamma- diversidad en el contexto del estudio de las... see more

Se aporta la base teórica para realizar una ordenación de inventarios fito-sociológicos

Se realiza un ejemplo práctico de ordenación de tabla de inventarios fito-sociológicos para el estudio de las comunidades... see more

This website describes secondary metabolites in plants and their role. It contains a list of metabolite classes with... see more

This graphic is a succinct representation of a localized nitrogen cycle. The figure is complete with basic interactions... see more

The Great Plant Escape is an amazing website to learn or refresh on some botany terminology and interesting facts. This... see more