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This video was recorded at NIPS Workshops, Whistler 2009. Training conditional maximum entropy models on massive data... see more

This video was recorded at MIT PE.210 SCUBA Spring 2007. This course will thoroughly educate the successful student with... see more

This video was recorded at Is all about Math. Explain the Method of Mathematical Induction. Francesco Maurolico, Pascal... see more

This video was recorded at AAAI 2009: AI Video Competition. This video showcases a new AI algorithm called cgNEAT that... see more

This video was recorded at AAAI 2008: AI Video Competition. Darshak is a system developed at NCSU that features a... see more

This course gives an introduction to probability and statistics, with emphasis on engineering applications. Course topics... see more

1.011 Project Evaluation covers methodologies for evaluating civil engineering projects, which typically are large-scale... see more

1.012 introduces students to the theory, tools, and techniques of engineering design and creative problem-solving, as... see more

This subject is a computer-oriented introduction to probability and data analysis. It is designed to give students the... see more

This course provides a review of physical, chemical, ecological, and economic principles used to examine interactions... see more

1.033 provides an introduction to continuum mechanics and material modeling of engineering materials based on first... see more

1.040 covers three important aspects of construction project management: the theory, methods and quantitative tools used... see more

1.040 Project Management focuses on the management and implementation of construction projects, primarily infrastructure... see more

This subject provides an introduction to the mechanics of materials and structures. You will be introduced to and become... see more

1.050 is a sophomore-level engineering mechanics course, commonly labelled "Statics and Strength of Materials" or "Solid... see more

This course aims at providing students with a solid background on the principles of structural engineering design.... see more

The main objective of 1.054/1.541 is to provide students with a rational basis of the design of reinforced concrete... see more

This subject provides an introduction to fluid mechanics. Students are introduced to and become familiar with all... see more

This class serves as an introduction to mass transport in environmental flows, with emphasis given to river and lake... see more

This sophomore-level course is a project-oriented introduction to the principles and practice of engineering design.... see more