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This course is an introduction to real-world dynamics of public policy controversies. Topics to be considered include... see more

This course provides an introduction to bargaining and negotiation in public, business, and legal settings. It combines a... see more

This course covers topics and questions such as: What is poverty? How is it defined and measured in the United States and... see more

This course introduces undergraduate planning students to the role of the planner in researching issues in cities both in... see more

This class uses K-12 classroom experiences, along with student-centered classroom activities and student-led classes, to... see more

This class discusses the economic aspects of current issues in education, using both economic theory and econometric and... see more

This course explores how information technology is reshaping different dimensions of the U.S. labor market: the way work... see more

Using film as a lens to explore and interpret various aspects of the urban experience in both the U.S. and abroad, this... see more

The economic growth of developing countries requires the acquisition of technological capabilities. In countries at the... see more

This course examines both the structure of cities and ways they can be changed. Its scope includes historical forces that... see more

This workshop explores the potential of media technology and the Internet to enhance communication and transform city... see more

For the first time in history, the global demand for freshwater is overtaking its supply in many parts of the world. The... see more

This video was recorded at AAAI 2008: AI Video Competition. Visual representation of logged game player data from both... see more

Solving Complex Problems provides an opportunity for entering freshmen to gain first-hand experience with working as part... see more

12.000 Solving Complex Problems is designed to provide students the opportunity to work as part of a team to propose... see more

This course introduces the structure, composition, and physical processes governing the terrestrial planets, including... see more

This undergraduate class is designed to introduce students to the physics that govern the circulation of the ocean and... see more

This course introduces programming languages and techniques used by physical scientists: FORTRAN, C, C++, MATLABĀ®, and... see more

Required for all Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences majors in the Environmental Science track, this course is an... see more

A great variety of processes affect the surface of the Earth. Topics to be covered are production and movement of... see more