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This 3 1/2 minute video introduces the concept of Content Marketing, along with providing examples.

In today’s multichannel and multi-device world, the content demands placed on a business can be incredibly complex – and... see more

Good writing skills are important in today’s competitive work environment. This is especially the case for... see more

From the book, "Advertising can be fun. A great ad can bring tears to your eyes. Another piece can be obnoxious. Ads... see more

A collection of resources on how to create ads.

A companion to Landscapes of Capital by Goldman and Papson, this site is an archive of the TV ads referenced in the book.... see more

This tutorial introduces students to the different aspects of Media Planning, from the initial process through to the... see more

A short 20-question multiple choice quiz taking five minutes to complete. It provides test-takers with an idea of how... see more

A collection of over 90,000 ads and ad agencies from around the world.

Marketing Strategist Stephanie Walton discusses the importance of content marketing. This provides a general idea of what... see more

The student activity is based around a video for a brand of healthy drinks called “neuro”. The video shows the brand... see more

This book "is intended for people who want to learn practical and cost-effective ways to raise the profile of an... see more

'Advertising is a dynamic industry that combines analysis with imagination to shape the way people purchase products and... see more

El objeto de aprendizaje muestra, a través de la simulación de una conversación, los diferentes elementos que intervienen... see more

Based on a series of case studies of globally distributed media and their reception in different parts of the world,... see more

The issue of advertising and ethics is often discussed in the media. Because of the need to generate advertising “cut... see more

This book is about how to manage your online reputation and how to become the first thought in your stakeholder's mind.... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. We have all hear of PR but how many of us know what it involves? Can we do... see more

An example of a student report written in response to an assignment to read a book and then teach the class about How to... see more

AdSim Advertising Simulation provides a platform for instructors to explain and illustrate the core advertising terms and... see more

'Please note that this app is for AdWords Express, and it will not work for AdWords accounts. AdWords Express helps you... see more

Breve introducción a lo que son las marcas en la identidad corporativa

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'This book is both an introduction to Pay Per Click advertising, as well as... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'Search Engine Optimization (also known as search engine optimisation or... see more