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Draw back the curtain on the world of theatre and learn how the magic of a great stage performance is created. Designed... see more

This multidisciplinary lecture / workshop engages students in a variety of approaches to the study and practice of... see more

Actors and the Art of Performance opens with a cascade of contradictory motives for becoming an actor. These motives... see more

Audio archives of a weekly theatrical interview show, featuring artists working in theatre both on and off-Broadway and... see more

A Web site showcasing Midwestern art (visual, performing, sonic and hybrid formats) with profiles of festivals,... see more

An online annotated bibliography of learning objects related to the field of Drama.

A site of images from the music hall and Vaudeville era

This poetry may be used for oral interpretation in the category of poetry. Fun poetry for students to perform in front... see more

Listing of Voice and Speech training opportunities, maintained by the Voice And Speech Trainers Association, Inc.... see more

The Web site is an example of a student-directed course project that documented each class session with photos. A... see more

PSi List is a moderated forum concerned with information, calls and statements on international initiatives in... see more

According to the site, "it "offers an extensive collection of videos of Asian Shakespeare performances for scholars,... see more

According to Shakespeare Quarterly, "Put together by Hugh Richmond of University of California at Berkeley, Staging... see more

This page is intended a a multiple resource site for all those interested in the life and works of Samuel Beckett. It... see more

This is the first full-length study of Shelley’s plays in performance. It offers a rich, meticulously researched history... see more

This book seeks to give insight into the people and processes that create theatre. Like any other world—be it horse... see more

Documentary films may not be as well-organized as traditional textbooks used in classroom, but their potential as... see more

Offered in the spring and fall terms, Introduction to Stagecraft is a hands-on course that gets students working with the... see more

This course explores contemporary American theatrical expression as it may be organized around issues of gender and... see more