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Global Environmental Issues is designed to help teach environmental chemistry at the introductory chemistry level. It is... see more

Database of the kinetics of solution-phase reactions. Search by chemical formulae of reactants and / or products and/or... see more

Water is environmental chemistry software designed to give students and educators an informative look into Water... see more

engrXiv (engineering preprints archive) is dedicated to the dissemination of engineering knowledge. engrXiv utilizes the... see more

Database of the kinetics of gas-phase reactions. Search by chemical formulae of reactants and / or products. Includes... see more

University Library of Regensburg offers the "Electronic Journals Library," which contains over 25,000 titles, of which... see more

EnviroLand contains several Visual Basic simulations of wet laboratory experiments for environmental chemistry (i.e.... see more

MIT OCW is a large scale, web-based electronic publishing initiative whose goals are to : Provide free, searchable access... see more

TEEAL is a full-text and bibliographic CD-ROM library of more than 140 of the world's most important scientific journals... see more

מאמר - קוריטיבה הפכה מעיר שוליים נידחת בברזיל לכרך מודרני ענק, המציע לתושביו איכות חיים גבוהה. בעיקר בגלל העדיפות המוחלטת... see more

תצלום - שבילי אופניים מיוחדים בעיר קוריטיבה שבברזיל.

תצלום - תחנות אוטובוס בעיר קוריטיבה שבברזיל.

מאמר - זיהום שטחים נרחבים על פני כדור הארץ בנפט גולמי ותוצריו, היה ויישאר תוצאה בלתי-נמנעת של תלותנו כחברה מתועשת בזהב... see more


This is a free, online course from Penn State. The purpose of the course is to help students: •gain a basic understanding... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by Book Boon. This book provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts and... see more

This is "a hands-on Flash-based application that helps students learn course concepts by having them gather energy... see more

Articulo que trata de escombros y materiales de construcción y su posible reuso y/o reciclaje. Clasifica los tipos de... see more

Video that shows the Guatemala grassroots projects for 2015 and how machines can be engineered with sustainability in... see more

This open course curriculum focuses on the geotechnical aspects of hazardous waste management, with specific emphasis on... see more

The depletion of fossil fuels, the increase of energy demands, and the concerns over climate change are the major driving... see more

The overall objective of this Special Issue is to improve knowledge on developing and using advanced simulation tools in... see more

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El analisis volumetrico es una tecnica no instrumental utilizada para evaluar algun tipo de contaminante

El laboratorio virtual permite: - Analizar el efecto del tiempo de retención celular en las concentraciones de materia... see more