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Claude Shannon's seminal paper about information theory framed as a mathematical model of communication.

Computer Basics and Concepts, ITE 115, covers computer essential components and software. This course gives students the... see more

Should A+ Certification Exam candidates use brain dump sites? My answer, might surprise you. This is part of Mr. Ford's... see more

A thorough description of Function Point Analysis and its application to estimating size of software project, boith

Este es un objeto de aprendizaje que introduce conceptos principales de como resolver problemas de programacion.

A look at how Use cases are used in the design of software.

This encyclopedia covers areas relevant to the design of interactive products and services like websites, household... see more

An interesting look into the history of CPU design as well as the present and future. Good reading in my opinion.

This web site is dedicated to Extreme Programming (XP), another methodology for system construction. XP is particularly... see more

This site contains a number of downloadable documents that assist in the inspection processes related to software... see more

A good discussion of what people thing software architecture is. Professors, Professionals, and Graduate students chime... see more

This document is intel multiprocessor specification which describes the OS, hardware and BIOS guidlines for... see more

This tool uses JavaScript to implement a number system conversion tool that can be used to teach the concepts of... see more

Objekat CRM koncept u sistemu za upravljanje učenjem Moodle je pregled i primena pojmova CRM-a u određenom sistemu za... see more

The place on the net to learn assembly language programming in as many different platforms as you can imagine.

A well organized description of CMM, including descriptions of key processes and key practices.

Not informational, but a rather unique idea. This man made an XOR gate out of legos, surgical tubing, and acryllic that... see more

In this A+ Certification video we take a look at the IT Certifications, A+ Certifications, and how to pass the CompTIA A+... see more

九州大学大学院統合新領域学府ライブラリーサイエンス専攻 2012年度情報システム論

This interactive e-Staging tool is standalone (in .mht format), simpler (requiring only 4 mouse clicks), quicker (just a... see more

This page provides resources to cloud computing tools for educators interested in storage, synchronization, creation of... see more