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'FYI: Breast Cancer is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It answers the top 50 most searched questions... see more

This site is amazing. It provides inspirational stories and videos for women newly diagnosed with breat cancer, those... see more

This webpage lists credible links pertaining to breast cancer. Topics include Male Breast Cancer, Cancer May Run in... see more

This section of Medscape especially pertains to oncology with particulars for News, Information from the Industry, Videos... see more

Obstacles to Effective Treatment of Breast Cancer in Develping Countries

RareTumors.Org is a peer-reviewed on-line database devoted to rare tumours in free access over the Internet. The aim is... see more

This website presents podcasts that are categorized by topic. One-on-one interviews conducted by Dr. Neil Love; this... see more

This invervention reviews the effects of chemotherapy alone versus endocrine therapy alone for treating metastatic breast... see more

Considerable advances have been made in both adjuvant treatments for early breast cancer and treatment options for... see more

Breast Cancer Detective is an interactive learning module that tests your knowledge of breast cancer detection. The... see more

Two scientfic techniques, ROSS and PDT, for diagnosis and treatment of cancers are described here. Both are offshoots of... see more

Khokhar, A. (2012). Effect of a training programme on knowledge of nurses from a missionary hospital in India regarding... see more

Lodha, R. S., Nandeshwar, S., Pal, D. K., Shrivastav, A., Lodha, K. M., Bhagat, V. K., . . . Saxena, D. M. (2011). Risk... see more

Das, S., Sen, S., Mukherjee, A., Chakraborty, D., & Mondal, P. K. (2012). Risk factors of breast cancer among women in... see more

Balasubramaniam, S. M., Rotti, S. B., & Vivekanandam, S. (2013). Risk factors of female breast carcinoma: a case control... see more

Pakseresht, S., Ingle, G. K., Bahadur, A. K., Ramteke, V. K., Singh, M. M., Garg, S., & Agarwal, P. N. (2009). Risk... see more

Naim, M., John, V. T., Gaur, K., & Anees, A. (2010). Septic disruption of lactiferous ducts with heterogeneous carcinoma... see more

Gayana, S., Bhattacharya, A., Kamaleshwaran, K. K., & Mittal, B. R. (2012). Unilateral breast uptake of tc-99m... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון הנותן עובדות בסיסיות על סרטן השד. הסרטון הוא בשפה האנגלית והדף מכיל תרגום והסברים. מופיע במדור מאגר מדע... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון מסביר על תפקיד הגנים BRCA1 וBRCA2 בהיווצרות סרטן השד. הסרטון הוא בשפה האנגלית והדף מכיל תרגום והסברים.... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון בנושא סרטן השד המתאר שלבי המחלה השונים. הסרטון הוא בשפה האנגלית והדף מכיל תרגום והסברים. הסרטן מקושר... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון בנושא טיפול בסרטן השד על ידי ניתוח לכריתת שד, המסביר על סוגי הניתוח השונים וכיצד הם נעשים. מופיע במדור... see more

Shapira, I., Gralla, R.J., Akerman, M., Weiselberg, L.R., John, V.S., Raftopoulos, H., Vinciguerra, V., Lovecchio, J.L.,... see more