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'Introducing Avatalker® AAC: You've never seen anything like this! 

Avatalker® AAC is a robust, full-featured... see more

This class offers students an opportunity to experiment with various forms and practices of cellphone communication and,... see more

Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist describes the real differences between the left and right halves of the human brain. It's... see more

Google Expeditions enable teachers to bring students on virtual reality field trips (200+ expeditions) to places like... see more

Machine Learning Tokyo (MLT) is dedicated to democratizing Machine Learning through Open Education, Open Source and Open... see more

קטע קריאה העוסק בשפה ובמוח האנושי, מסביר על תגליותיו של פול ברוקה ועל איך למדו מדענים על עיבוד השפה במוח מתוך מחקרים... see more

In this presentation, Janice Light discusses her research into the early use of AAC in children with impairments of... see more

The CHILDES system is part of the TalkBank database. The site states that "its purpose is to study the acquisition of... see more

This site from the University of Calgary focuses on Internet resources involving literature for young adults and... see more

This tutorial is published on the University of Buffalo's Assistive Technology Training Online project site with... see more

Mobile app to accompany course: Introduction to Communication Disorders and Differences. Contains brief summaries of... see more

In this webcast, Michael B. Williams, "A long-time practioner of the art of augmented communication" discusses... see more

This is a series on typical development of child language.

Kohn Ashmore’s voice is arresting. It stopped his friend Andy Mills in his tracks the first time they met. But in this... see more

This webcast from the University of Nebraska discusses communication support for people who have minimal movement... see more

The California State University and MERLOT have partnered to showcase how and why faculty have adopted Open Educational... see more

מאמר - איך עוזר לנו חוש השמיעה שלנו להסתדר בעולם? ומה עושים אלה המתקשים בשמיעה? על חוש השמיעה, מבנה האוזן שלנו, האוזניים... see more

The Adolescent Literacy Toolkit was developed by the Council and multiple partners in response to a state-identified need... see more

Though the Lucy experiment would largely be called a failure, could there be a way to re-do it... but better? Producer... see more

Chimps. Bonobos. Humans. We're all great apes, but that doesn’t mean we’re one happy family. This hour of Radiolab:... see more