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This is a PowerPoint presentation in which the following are discussed: Framework for managing OER authoring 4 Lessons... see more

This guide is for faculty authors, librarians, project managers and others who are involved in the production of open... see more

Open textbooks are not only free — a big deal on its own in an age of rising education costs — but also licensed in such... see more

This textbook is a practical guide to adapting and creating open textbooks using the WordPress platform. It is... see more

This document was used in the development of the Open Course Library, managed by the Washington State Board for Community... see more

California State University, Northridge's eText Initiative provides you with an exemplary model for faculty and IT staff... see more

Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development (DS4OER) is a hands on course where you learn and demonstrate your... see more

This is a teaching guide from Dr. Julie Ward at University of Oklahoma for instructors wishing to expand an existing open... see more

This resource highlights the theme of fair use, copyright, Creative Commons, and use of images. While relevant to... see more

Guide to Developing Open Textbooks (2016) is a how to guide that has been developed to assist teachers, teaching support... see more

This video series presents the roles, models, and guidelines that make up the process of creating and publishing open... see more

I’ve spent some time talking about open pedagogy at several universities this Spring, and in each of those presentations... see more

OER Glue is meant to help people develop their own courses. It provides guidance for 1) gathering resources, 2) adding... see more

OERPUB is creating innovative open source tools for authoring, adapting, and re-mixing Open Educational Resources (OER)... see more

This is a webinar presentation that will: Define and give an overview of the benefits and challenges of open educational... see more

Open Author is a resource from OERCommons in which one can create educational materials that are: Remixable Curate-able... see more

This wiki constitutes a collection of guidance documentation on all aspects of Open Educational Resources (OER), prepared... see more

Jessica Kruger PhD shares her story about writing a textbook with students. University at Buffalo. Here's a SUNY story... see more

Members of the Open Textbook community signed a joint statement today advocating the use of the CC BY license when... see more

Applying an open license turns an educational resource into an Open Educational Resource (OER). This Guidance document... see more

Penn State University's B.BooKx is an algorithmic software development tool for educators and students for creating... see more

This Pressbooks Guide does not replicate information provided by the Pressbooks Userguide published by see more

This Pressbooks Guide does not replicate information provided by the Pressbooks Userguide published by see more

The BCcampus Open Education Print-on-Demand Guide is an in-progress (open creation) practical manual on the what, why,... see more